ARV Pest Control

Our Services : Short-term, long-term, or on demand. You decide what is right for you. Residential customers are never required to commit to a long-term service contract.

Services offered:

We serve a diverse clientele which includes golf courses, school districts, commercial properties and residential accounts. Our emphasis is the control of landscape rodents - gophers, rats, mice and ground squirrels. We also offer live-trapping services for nuisance wildlife such as opossums, skunks and raccoons. Additional landscape pests that we control are ants, bees and wasps, snails, slugs, and various outdoor insects.

It is important to note that our company does not offer structural pest control, but rather seeks to control pests such as rats, mice, and bugs outside so that they are prevented from becoming a problem inside.

Clean-out Service

When a rodent infestation occurs, valuable property is being damaged and there may be health issues at stake. We offer prompt and dramatic results by servicing the property intensively until we meet your expectations for rodent reduction. We will gladly meet with you to discuss treatment options and provide you with a quote.

Maintenance Service

If your property is subject to rapid reinfestation by gophers or rats you can still keep you property looking its best with a once or twice per month service plan. With regular service to your property, you can expect to see a steady decrease in rodent damage right from the start. Although there will be seasonal peaks and lows in rodent activity depending on climate and breeding cycles, you can expect to see good overall improvement over time. You are never obligated to sign a long-term service contract.

Quarterly Service

Ants and snails and sometimes gophers can usually be controlled with one service call every three months. See our pest page for details. If you have moderate rat and mouse activity, quarterly service may be a good choice for this pest too. We will create a customized plan that suits your needs.

One-time service

Call us when you need us! No contracts, no obligations.