ARV Pest Control

FAQ / Customer Information

What does it cost?

In general, a typical service call cost between $120-$160 depending on the nature and extent of the problem. For larger properties or more extensive problems we will inspect your property and provide you with a quote.

In the case of gopher control, the cost of the job is determined by the size and scope of the job. I will provide some examples in an effort to give you an idea of what we charge:

Typical residential property with minor to moderate gopher activity: $120-$160. Includes 1-2 service calls and guarantee.

1/2 acre with moderate to extensive gopher activity throughout: $250- $350. Includes 2-3 service calls and guarantee.

In the case of gopher control you can save money by having your property prepped for us when we arrive. Please see the prep sheet at the bottom of this page for more information.

In the case of bees and wasps, we handle exterior and landscape nests and swarms. A simple swarm or ground nest usually ranges between $125- $200 depending on difficulty and how much honey and comb needs to be removed.

What about ants?

We offer a quarterly ant and insect control program with a full guarantee. We are also happy to provide our customers with a one-time service. We use only odorless, non-staining products that are absolutely safe for you and your pets. Our goal is to keep the ants and crawling insects out of your house. A quarterly service will do just that!

What does ant control cost?

If you want a one-time service, we typically charge $120 for homes up to 2500 square feet. For those of you who want year 'round protection with a guarantee, we offer a quarterly service. We charge $95 per quarter and provide a "no ants in the house guarantee.

Since we are a landscape pest control company we can also keep ants off your citrus and other fruit trees without introducing pesticides into or onto the edibles. If ants are causing problems in the landscaping, we can help.

What other pests can you deal with?

Snails, squirrels, rats, mice, gophers, moles, voles, ants and bees, non-venomous snakes, and various insect and grub problems. We do most landscape pests with the exception of bird control and overhead tree spraying.

When can you start?

Once you accept the quote, we usually go ahead and begin the work right then and there.

When you call the office we will schedule an appointment to inspect your property so that the problem is correctly diagnosed. We will discuss treatment options, inquire about your pets and other safety issues, provide you with a quote, and answer all your questions. This appointment can quite often be scheduled within a day or two of when you call. If the situation is urgent, we can often accommodate a same day service.

What is your guarantee?

This is a little complicated to answer here because of the wide variety of pests we treat and the situations in which they arise. We stand behind our work and once we have had a chance to talk to you about your particular situation, we will explain in detail what we can and cannot do and what you can expect us to achieve. (See What about Ants ? for our guaranteed ant control.) When you call us to schedule an appointment, we will ask you a number of diagnostic questions over the phone. At that time, we will be able to give you a good indication of our guarantee policy as it applies to your particular pest situation.

In the case of gophers, we guarantee to kill the gophers you've got. In most cases we give you a two week period after our last scheduled treatment to let us know if we missed anything. Unfortunately we cannot prevent new gophers from moving into your property from the surrounding areas. We can only pick them off once they are there.

If your neighbors have gophers or if you have open land around you, those gophers will tend to eventually work their way into your yard. If this is a regular problem, we offer a maintenance service where we inspect and treat your property on a regular basis, or you can simply call us when you need us.

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer a multiple services discount. This means that if you have more than one type of pest problem, you are better off to have us work on them at the same time rather than separately. This reduces the overall number of service calls. You can also save money by having your property prepped for us when we arrive. Please see the prep sheet below for this information.

We offer discounts when neighbors have us work on their gopher problems at the same time.

We also offer group discounts for neighbors who get together on an ant control program. For two or more homes on the same street: $10 discount each. For three homes on the same street: $15 discount each. For four or more: $20 discount each. (Service must be coordinated so that we can do everyone at the same time. If someone can't be home, that's ok so long as we have access to the yard.)

Our most popular package is our quarterly maintenance service for ants/insects and gophers. This service includes one service call every 3 months to perform a thorough exterior insecticide spray (as described above) and a gopher check. Assuming an average size property, the cost for the basic service would be $95. If there are no gophers, there would be no additional charges. If gophers are found, we go ahead and exterminate them at a substantial discount since we are already on the property.

Gopher Control Prep Sheet

This information is provided for your benefit so that you can get the most for your money. If your property is prepped we can work faster and possibly reduce the number of service calls required to do the job.

Many of you will have met these conditions already but for the rest of you, here they are.

These are the ideal conditions for treating gophers. The more conditions that are met the better.

  1. Damp soil that is uniformly moist to a depth of at least 4" and has been for at least several days before treatment. Dry soil is difficult to work with and doesn't hold the gas well. Avoid having dry patches due to spotty irrigation.

    Use of an automatic spray irrigation system (not a drip system) or a sprinkler attached to a garden hose that waters the area with a fine mist or small droplets. Do not hand water with a stream or jet of water from the hose. The force of the water will collapse the tunnels and obscure the gopher activity.

    If you cannot irrigate your property it is best to wait for some good rain to help you out. We cannot work in bone dry soil. On the other hand, we can't work while it is raining or if the burrows are filled with standing water either. If your yard has soggy spots with gophers in it, (yes, we've seen that) find a way to dry it out some.

  2. Cut tall weeds several days before we come.
  3. Mow your lawn a few days before or after but not the same day as your appointment. Mowers tend to crush the tunnels.
  4. If possible, don't water the day of your appointment. If you have a timer that you don't want to change, don't worry about it.
  5. The best time for us to treat gophers is when you have seen recent activity- within the last several days or so.
  6. Don't disturb the mounds or tunnels. If you have been working on the gopher yourself (trapping, poisoning, digging, flooding, chewing gum, moth balls , human hair, urine, used kitty litter, incendiary devices), STOP! We need a happy, relaxed, perky, gopher in a pristine, undisturbed, fresh burrow system not a stressed out, soggy, ticked off gopher who has decided to move to the neighbor's yard via his underground network only to return to your yard 3 days later.

Seriously though, if you have been after the gopher yourself- and we don't blame you for trying- it is probably best to get your appointment a few days from now so that the gopher has time to resume normal activity and rebuild his tunnel system. When you see several new mounds or back-filled tunnels, the time is ripe.